Benefits of Workers' Compensation
Protect your employees: Provide your employees no-fault liability insurance for work-related injury and illness, covering
medical expenses, lost wages, vocation rehabilitation, and more.

Avoid Fines and Penalties: Prevent your company from being the target of an investigation by your state's department
of labor or workmans compensation agency.

Reduce lost productivity: Workmans comp can work to your advantage. Monitor temporarily disabled employee's
progress and make accommodations for their early return. It's your right.

Reduce litigation and waste: Save time and money by providing your employees capped rewards for work-related
injuries or illness.
Wisconsin Worker's Compensation
In 1911, Wisconsin adopted a Workmen's Compensation Act. The intent of the law (Chapter 102 of the Wisconsin
Statutes) was to require an employer to promptly and accurately compensate a worker for any injury suffered on the job,
regardless of the existence of any fault or whose it might be.
Worker's Compensation Insurance Rates
The Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau (Bureau) is responsible for establishing, maintaining and administering
rules, regulations, classifications, rates and rating plans to govern the transaction of worker's compensation insurance
in Wisconsin. The Bureau files with OCI, on behalf of its members every manual of classifications, rules and rates, every
rating plan and every modification of any of them proposed for use in this state. Insurance companies writing worker's
insurance may not deviate from the approved rates and rating plans.

The approved rates and minimum premium for the last ten years for each classification code is located on the Bureau's
web site at The rate for each classification code is the amount of premium
for each $100 in remuneration provided by an employer to his or her employees. The minimum premium for each
classification code is the lowest premium required in order to provide worker's compensation insurance.
Worker's Compensation Selection
For many businesses, Workers' Compensation has become a leading cost factor in business insurance programs.
Premiums are at an all time high and the indirect cost associated with employee injuries are often two-to-three times the

A lot of companies are struggling to manage Workers' Compensation so selecting the right insurance company is
essential to their business success!

When selecting the right company, you must take two things into heavy consideration:
1. Insurance Company Stability
2. Agent Credentials

Insurance Company Stability
* Age & Company rating is imperative to selecting a company with stability
* A "Wisconsin Only" insurance company, Rural Mutual has been serving Wisconsin Business owners for over 78
years, has an A rating, and is rated one of the Top 50 insurance companies in the U.S.

Agent Credentials
You need an Agent who has years of experience in assisting businesses succeed. Your Agent should also be
experienced in helping you with...
* Building a totally accountable safety culture
* Educating employees on activities that effect rates
* Establishing effective hiring and orientation procedures
* Developing a system for proper reporting and filing of claims
* Conducting investigations to strengthen loss control efforts
* Establishing an early return to work program
* Implementation of an incentive program
* Conducting thorough audit verifications
* Providing assistance with recognizing fraud
* Establishing systems and procedures to lower the medical costs of each claim
Worker's compensation is protection mandated by state law for a worker and his or her dependents against injury and
death occurring in the course of employment. It is not health insurance and is not intended to compensate for disability
other than disability caused by injury arising out of employment. The purpose of the worker's compensation system is to
provide financial and medical benefits to the victims of "work-related" injuries and their families regardless of fault.
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