Disclaimer Statement: No App is perfect, we're simply trying to provide you with ways to best protect yourself, your family, and your personal assets. We strongly believe that having a little bit of
something is better than having nothing at all. If you find that one of the recommended apps has issues that are negative in nature please let us know.
Life 360 Family Locator simplifies life in the
digital world by making it easy to stay
connected to the people who matter most.

• Create your own groups, called “Circles,” of
loved ones, friends, teammates -- whoever
matters most and chat with them in Family
• View the real-time location of Circle
Members on a private family map that’s only
visible on Family Locator
• Receive real-time alerts when Circle
Members arrive at or leave destinations
(Eliminate disruptive “Where are you?” texts)
ICEcard A special alarm button allows to
send in critical situation, an emergency sms
message to all the people from your contact
list, containing among others data collected
from mobile phone’s GPS, so that the about
serious life-threatening situations and
receive information about the current
position of the user.

Just one click on the screen to let your loved
ones know that you need help
Watch Over Me If you've ever called a
friend while feeling unsafe, Watch Over Me is
the app for you. Tell the app how long you
want to be watched over for, and it'll watch
over you via GPS throughout your journey. It
doesn't matter whether you're going for a run,
taking a cab, or walking home - Watch Over
Me will look out for you, and let your friends
and family know to do the same.
SeekDroid is another minimal app to help
find your device. You can locate your device,
lock it, set off an alarm, wipe the device,
locate via SMS, and get recent calls. It’s
totally free to use and you get those
important features. If you go pro (which you
buy on their official site), you can track
multiple devices and you’ll have a feature
track the phone live. It doesn’t have a lot of
extra features but it hits the right notes in the
right places.
Where's My Droid
to track your phone from anywhere, either
with a text messaged attention word or
though the online control center known as
Commander. Where's My Droid can turn the
ringer volume up and make your phone ring.
The app can also get the GPS coordinates
with a link to Google maps, if you're not near
enough to your phone to hear the ringer.
Android Device Manager
Ever misplaced or lost your phone? Android
Device Manager locates lost devices and
helps you keep your device—and the data
inside it—safe and secure. Android Device
Manager lets you:
● Locate Android devices associated with
your Google account
● Reset your device's screen lock PIN
● Erase all data on the phone
Avast have decided to bundle their anti theft
Avast Some antivirus app companies like
apps separate from their main antivirus
apps. With this app you get the standard anti  
Some antivirus app companies like theft stuff
like location tracking, alarms, and remote
locking and wiping. There is also a function
to have a notification sent when the SIM card
is changed and a stealth mode that hides
the app on your phone. If you go premium,
you can have some additional features. It’s
pretty decent
Cerberus is one of the must-know names of
anti theft. It’s considered one of the best out
there and has a huge list of features that can
help you find your lost or stolen phone. This
includes the standard location tracking,
remote wiping and locking, and hiding You
can also get a list of calls that were made
automatically enable GPS when you try to
find its location online.
Prey Anti-Theft
Getting your laptop or your phone stolen
sucks, but there is something you can do
about it. Prey is a lightweight theft protection
software that lets you keep an eye over them
whether in town or abroad, and helps you
recover them if ever lost or stolen. With the
pro version you can track an unlimited
number of devices, and you can have it send
reports with encryption. It’s pretty powerful
FBI’s Child ID  You’re shopping at the mall
with your children when one of them
suddenly disappears. A quick search of the
nearby area is unsuccessful. What do you

Now there’s a free new tool from the FBI that
can help. Our just launched Child ID app—
the first mobile application created by the
FBI—provides a convenient place to
electronically store photos and vital
information about your children so that it’s
literally right at hand if you need it.
Mama Bear AUsing MamaBear, parents
can monitor their children’s interactions
across social media platforms, including
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and they
can be alerted to signs of cyberbullying or
inappropriate language on social media

The app will even notify you when your child
is driving faster than your own speed limit.
Teen Safe Parents have good reason to
worry about what their children are doing and
seeing online. The amount of time kids
spend on the Internet is steadily increasing;
12- to 17-year-olds who use texting send
and receive an average of 1,500 messages
per month. If you want to monitor your child’s
online activity closely, Teen Safe is for you. It
lets parents view texts, deleted messages,
call logs, the device location and location
history, Web browsing history, Instagram
posts and much more.
ALFRED  This app is is very striking and
easy to use. There are no lengthy logins or
signups here and the interface is as
straightforward as it can get. I especially
loved the soft color scheme of the app which
really eases you into the user interface.

The app can make any smartphone into a
camera which can monitor on a simple
command. If you have an old Android
smartphone relaxing around, you can make
it a handy security cam without even
spending a fortune.
I-Security i-Security is one of the most data
efficient home security apps for Android. The
app also allows you to monitor live video
feeds from multiple cameras through
surveillance systems. This app allows you to
view cameras via WiFi or 3G internet
If you already have a network of cameras
around your home, this app can tap into the
network and help you view them from
anywhere. This app comes in handy when
you suspect malicious acts and need to
keep an eye from your office.
TrackView turns your smartphones,
tablets and PCs into a connected mobile
video surveillance & monitoring system with
location tracking and remote recording
capabilities. The Windows PC version is
available for free download at:

simultaneously do event detection, GPS
location tracking, video surveillance, remote
video recording and much more!
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