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Dr. Charlotte Fleming
Your Monona Chiropractor

I drive from Watertown, WI to see Dr. Charlotte, because she is SO different that I feel it is completely worth the drive.
She does not just make the adjustment and send you on your way, she watches your body adjust to the treatment made
and works with the brain to process whatever your body is struggling with. I was scheduled for back surgery, have seen
many Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, Surgeons and MD's in the past, only to be told that I would just have to learn to
live with my pain, OR have surgery.

When I meet Dr. Charlotte, I figured, what did I have to loose. She not only taught me how to take care of my body, so
that is would function better, but cared about me as a person, and helped me see that I could do something about the
situation, and I could become healthy-- through Chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise. Dr. Charlotte has TRULY
CHANGE MY LIFE. My children love her. She is great with children.

- Addie

My knees hurt so bad I could hardly walk, when I first meet Dr. Charlotte. I did not know why, except because I was on
them all the time-- for work-- I figured that had to be part of the issue. When Dr. Charlotte first started seeing me, she
told me it would take some investigation to determine what was really causing the knee pain. She did not do anything to
my knees--INSTEAD she looked at and worked on my low back, hips and SIjoint. I did not understand= my knees are
what hurts---- before long, I realized that my knees felt better. She helped me see that the way I was walking, sitting,
sleeping were all important in how well my knees worked and felt.

I have damage to my knees ( had surgery on them before I meet Dr. Charlotte), and believe NOW that if I had meet Dr.
Charlotte before the surgery, I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO GO THRU SURGERY. I love her for her genuine concern for
me as a person.

-Kathy .

When I first meet Dr. Charlotte, I recognized that she was a unique perrson - a unique Chiropractor. She put me at ease
instantly. Her personality is very bubbly, outgoing, but very sincere and focused.  She does muscle testing, so I could
see the way my body was adjusting to the adjustments she was making. She incorporates nutrition into the care
protocol, which is really important since I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have suffers for many years, but for the first
time I feel like there is hope to help my body heal. I know it is a long process - 3-5 years, but I figure I did not get this
condition overnight

I am thankful for Dr. Charlotte and her commitment to me, her knowledge of healing the body, and her commitment to
HEALTH--especially MINE.

- t.h

I am thankful for Dr. Charlotte—she saved my life.  I have struggled with issues of health for most of my 72 years when I
meet this sweet lady.  Dr. Charlotte actually listened to me on our first visit, like she was an old friend.  It impressed me
then, but I learned to really appreciate it when I continued to come in to see her.  She investigated things that I was not
even aware I had going on—her intuition about what is going on in the body is phenomenal.  It almost seemed she could
see inside my skin and know what I needed. I was very sick, but did not “appear to be sick”, when she told me go get to
my MD for blood test and a MRI.  It showed some serious things going on.  

I love and appreciate her, for her friendship, her professionalism, and her concern for others.  She is a true friend.


How do you express thanks for someone who is so important to you because she is there when you need her??  I meet
Dr. C because I was in pain—no one seemed to be able to help it.  I had been diagnosed the cause of the pain in my
leg.  We had done x-rays, blood and urine analysis.  NOTHING seemed to be wrong.  This is when I turned to the
alternative path.  Dr. C ask me questions that did not seem to be related, but she connected the dots and determined
that one of the causes of my pain was because of something I had been through about 8 years earlier—some emotional
issues that I thought I had dealt with.  We worked on the issue from the physical and the emotional level and I feel much
better.  There is still more to do, but what a blessing she is.

Thank you, Dr. C

I came to see Dr. Charlotte at the referral of another health care provider.  She was very professional and friendly. She
put me at ease as we talked about what was going on with me--- asthma, sinus infections and headaches.  She
explained to me that there was stuff that was blocking the communication between my brain and my body.  The
conversation was so easy for me to understand.  I appreciate that she understands what is going on with me, that she
was willing to take the time I needed to feel heard. She was very gentle in the treatment and I felt wonderful when she
was finished.


Dr. Fleming is a very unique Chiropractor.  She has so much knowledge about the body that it amazes me when she
talks.  She is very patient with my teenage daughter, my 8 year old son, and my 2 year old son.  We love her, and
appreciate her expertise.

Thank you, Dr. Fleming