Insurance for Property Managers
As a property manager who oversees residential buildings (i.e., condos or
rental apartment complexes) or commercial buildings (i.e., office buildings
or main street properties), for other building owners, you face specific
risks. That's why we offer specialized property manager insurance to fit
your needs.

Professional liability insurance
Wrongful eviction: As a property manager, you are responsible for
evictions. Not following the proper eviction process can lead to claims
being brought against you. Professional liability insurance protects you
even if you haven’t made a mistake.

Tenant discrimination: Claims of discrimination are a common risk that
property managers face.  A potential tenant also may claim that you did
not rent a property to them based on their race, religion or gender, even if
you’ve done nothing of the sort. Having the right professional liability
insurance will cover you when current or potential tenants claim that you
wrongfully discriminated against them.

General liability insurance
Resident injury: Your resident or a visitor falls and injures herself on your
property. General liability insurance protects you from third party claims for
bodily injury and associated medical costs.