Physical stress to the body occurs when most often during injury or disease. These generally cause spinal
misalignments, or subluxations, which in turn cause loss of function and pain. However, what many people do not realize
is that pain may be the last symptom to occur. Once pain starts, the body has already undergone months, if not years,
of physical stress.

Physical care is focused on the whole body .The body is not just an organ-- it is not just the heart, or the liver. Each
organ is dependent on every other organ for proper function. The internal workings of the human body are dependent
on the pH levels, which are determined by the proper function of each organ, the foods we eat, and our emotional
status. Blood pH, which is different than saliva pH or urine pH, MUST stay within a small range of the scale. This is
accomplished by the proper function of each organ; correct muscle and nerve function; and the communication of each
of these elements with the master control: the brain. The spinal column is the pathway between the computer/brain and
the muscles and all the organs.