• Stay At Home Moms (or) Dads
  • Currently Unemployed (or) Laid-Off
  • Independent Marketers
  • Social Media Experts
  • Anybody Just Wanting (or) Needing A Little Extra Income
Independent Associates Program
Hi, my name is Eric Hudson and
I'm the owner of the Hudson
Agency & Associates LLC.

I've lived through many financial
ups and downs in my life, and I
know that sometimes all we need
is just that chance to make a little
extra money, without the extra time commitment, and
that's why I created this program! Regardless of your
current financial or employment status, if you're
capable of just reaching out and influencing people
to receive a FREE quote from us, then this is for you!
We're giving you the ability to earn money just by referring your Family, Friends, or
Business Associates to us for a
FREE Quote!