In Case of Accident

With that said, I’d like to point out 3 key steps that should help the process run smoother:

1. Stay Calm

2. Check on Injuries

3. Call 911

4. Take pictures of accident prior to moving vehicles (unless) it would cause greater injury
5. Get License Plate # of other Vehicle

6. Exchange Insurance Information while notifying other driver that police are on their way

7. Wait for Police to show up

8. Contact Me Directly At My Office #   

9. Contact Claims Department

Always Keep In Glove Compartment
•        Keep small note pad and Pen in Glove Compartment of car

  • Never Engage a hostile driver
  • If other driver becomes hostile simply go back into your vehicle and wait for police to show up
  • Never Give out your personal contact information
  • Only give them my Agency Phone# and our claims department Phone # located on your Vehicle ID card
  • Your home address
  • Leave the scene before police have arrived
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