Hired/non-owned vehicle liability insurance does cover:

Liability claims

A Hiscox hired or non-owned auto liability insurance policy covers claims against your business if an employee has an
accident while using their own (or rented) vehicle for business purposes. This optional upgrade adds coverage as part
of your general liability limits to your business owners policy.

Defense costs

If you’re sued, we’ll make it easier for you by appointing an attorney to defend you, if necessary. We will defend a lawsuit
even if the claims are groundless and we’ll pay these defense costs without reducing your limits of liability.

Actions of your full-time employees and temporary staff

This coverage applies not only to your business to the extent it is liable for the actions an employee (full-time or
temporary staff) when driving a non-owned or rented vehicle for business purposes.

Hired/non-owned vehicle liability insurance does not cover:

Protection for your company, not your employees

It’s important to remember that this coverage protects your business and not your employee driving the vehicle.

Physical damage

Non-owned auto liability insurance provides no protection for physical damage to the rented or non-owned vehicles
being used.

Transportation of property

We offer no protection under this coverage for damage to property being transported or property within your care.