Smart business people know that they need to find quality vendors of reliable service and support: attorneys,
accountants, marketing strategist and business management professionals. They need to use these vendors
as trusted and required allies in the pursuit of their dreams.

At E.H.POWERRS, we are committed to becoming a reliable and trustworthy business management resource
to our clients by providing high quality, and competitively priced, services that helps them reach their business

E.H.POWERRS Management Services was founded by Eric Hudson, an Army Veteran and a former
"Fortune 500" Senior Business Analyst, with over 30 years experience in business entrepreneurship and
small business management.

Eric has worked with numerous small to medium sized companies throughout the U.S., from start-ups to
tenured corporations, helping them reach their organizational and financial goals through the implementation of
sound and measurable business practices.

You won't regret meeting with us, and be sure to ask what P.O.W.E.R.R. stands for,
it'll be your key to business success.
Eric G. Hudson
Senior Business Analyst
Company Founder
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Do you qualify for a FREE REVIEW from a former "Fortune 500" Business Analyst?

Meeting with talented entrepreneurs keeps us sharp. That’s why we make it a practice to sit down with a certain
number of business owners on a regular basis to assess their financial situation and make recommendations
free of charge.

Yet because we only have a limited amount of time we do this, we have to be selective about who we do this for.
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