Long before his successful career as a senior business analyst for Chicago based International Profit Associates (IPA), Eric
proudly served his country in the U.S. Army. Graduating first in his elite class at the National Security Agency’s National
Cryptologic School, he went on to work as an operations analyst for the NSA in the 1980s.

Shortly after leaving the military to pursue his much desired entrepreneurial career, his young wife, Elaine Hudson, fell ill. His
business plans were put on hold as he spent time caring for Elaine. She tragically succumbed to her illness and died one year

“My wife passing really blew me away,” said Hudson. “At a young age, I had no life insurance on her, but I was at least in a
position where I could come back.”  There was a lot to come back from, too. Not only had he lost his life partner, but he also faced
mounting medical bills that lead to nearly $186,000 of debt, a foreclosure on his home and repossession of his two cars. All this
and he was just 30 years old. He remembers the trials faced back then and attributes his strength to overcome those tough times
and achieve the success he has today to his faith in God and the support of his family.

From 2000-2010 Eric worked as a Senior Business Analyst for International Profit Associates (IPA). As an analyst, Eric was able
to analyze over 700+ businesses, learning the positives and negatives of running a small to medium sized company. It was during
his tenure with IPA that Eric developed what he came up with was the
POWERRS approach. The acronym, which stands for: (P)
lanning, (O)rganizing, (W)orking, (E)valuating, and (R)epeating or (R)evising
until (S)uccees is achieved. The
POWERRS Strategy proved highly successful and brought immediate results. Today POWERR stands at the center of the E.H.
POWERRS strategy for success. The POWERR strategy looks at a business from every angle: organizational, promotional,
administrative and financial. It takes that information and determines where money can be saved to increase profits and build
stability the company needs to grow. “You have to have a plan so you know where
you’re going,” says Eric. “Take a trial-and-error approach to business without the right roadmap and chances are you will invite
problems, or business failure.”

It’s a reality that he sees all the time, as business owners come to him looking for help. Eric proudly explains how he can secure
the profits for a company in one year that would take three years to earn on its own.  And he backs his words with a 3 to 1
investment guarantee to many of his clients. “I can work with any business and help them increase their net profit by between 15
to 30 percent.”

he loved what he was doing, the fact that this position was 100% travel wore him down, and after 10 years Eric decided to submit
his resignation, move to Janesville WI, and start a family.  

Wanting to combine his past experience with his business knowledge, Eric signed an agreement with Rural Mutual Insurance and
created the Hudson Agency & Associates. Over the past 10 years Eric has been protecting over 350+ clients in their personal
and business lives.

Even though his ownership of the "Hudson Agency & Associates" has been extremely rewarding, Eric is now ready to pull his
experience all together under one roof, therefore he developed E.H.POWEERS Management Services, Inc.

E.H.POWERRS, is small business management company serving businesses throughout Wisconsin offering a full-service small
business management company focused on helping entrepreneurs develop, grow, and protect their business interest.

When asked about how he came up with the name, Eric stated that “Most people know their particular skill, but they don’t know
the business of business. That’s where I come in.” As a Senior Business Analyst, Eric had worked with hundreds of small
business, but he found that many of them had a tough time controlling the growth and profitability of their business.

It is the big time service without the big time price that Eric prides himself on. He brings his clients competitive prices that in most
cases are 30-40% lower than the larger firms in the Madison and surrounding areas.

Eric enjoys building relationships and being there as his clients grow. The hundreds of business success stories he has helped
create bring him professional satisfaction, but it’s the friends he makes along the way that keeps him in the business of helping