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Evans Family Farm       
5 generational farm beginning with Alice & Bernard Shay in the 1940's. My grandparents, the Shay's lived on this property and farmed a nice size
garden. Our grandchildren are now learning the ways of tending to the earth, pride in growing natural, and harvesting in abundance. Heirloom Ground
Cherries, many varieties of good strong hardneck garlic available. Many heirloom varieties of tomatoes, melons, squash, eggplant and peppers of all
colors shining in the sun. (more...)  

Little Sugar River Farm
The Little Sugar River Farm is a secluded vacation rental with dining available on a small organic farm. Guests can help themselves to organically grown
vegetables, flowers, and fruits, eggs, and honey. With a commercial kitchen completed, we can now offer dining to our guests. Meals are prepared with
utterly fresh, local, organic ingredients. The Little Sugar River Farm is designed as a retreat from the stresses of urban life. (more...)  

Wizard's Workshop
Wizard's Workshop is an all-natural farm. We use small draft horses and hand methods for tillage and a tractor for making hay. We are passionate
about sustainable agriculture and use and recommend natural products that promote good soil structure and vibrant animal health. We produce
summertime vegetables, storage crops in the fall. Some small grains also available year around. The orchard is growing, but not producing enough for
sale yet

Beloit Farmers Market
The Beloit Farmers Market is an award winning community tradition spanning over 30 years. Over 60 vendors in peak season sell locally grown produce,
organics, jams, jellies, honey, fresh squeezed juices, baked goods, fish, meat, cheese and eggs. Artisan crafts, scents & skin care, live plants, herbs
and fresh flowers too! The market fills two blocks in beautiful downtown Beloit, with great locally owned eateries, an Irish pub and unique shopping
choices from footwear to home decor. (more...)    

Blooming of Beloit  
Growers of Specialty fresh cut flowers & ornamental berries and green. Selling Wholesale ; French Tulip, Lilac , Hydrangea , Bittersweet , Winterberry ,
Viburnum , Sunflowers, Spiraea , Pussy-Willow , Curly-Willow , Dogwood

Thousand Hill Farm       
Farm Fresh Eggs are sold at our farm. We use heritage breeds for our flock and stay away from "mega" amounts of stock so that we can feed and
manage them properly. We feed an Old World diet to our chickens that consist of barley, alfalfa fines, cooked sweet potatoes, and millet among other
natural ingredients. In Spring/Summer/Fall our chickens are fed grass and garden discards also. Our chickens are only part of our farming operation but
it gives us much pride and satisfaction. (more...)  

Double D's B's
We raise honey bees. With those products we created a wonderful line of products. Hand crafted soap, Lotion, lip balm, bath fizzies and yes, honey
products. (more...)  

Bushel & Peck's Local Market  
Experience grocery shopping like it used to be! Find local, certified organic and fair trade foods. Visit the cafe and deli for wholesome easy meals. At
Bushel & Peck's Local Market, you're not just buying dinner, but contributing to the livelihood of farmers who have chosen sustainable argriculture as
their approach. Honest-to-goodness food, every time you visit. (more...)  

Wright Way Farm      
Located five miles west of Beloit and fifteen miles southwest of Janesville, we are dedicated to promoting organic, local, and sustainable agriculture. Our
goal is to provide you with a variety of healthy, delicious, and pesticide-free vegetables grown and delivered locally to minimize pollution and the
consumption of the earth’s resources. (more...)  

Scotch Hill Farm     
We offer 20 weeks of fresh vegetables and herbs, which we raise on our farm and rented ground. We also maintain small flocks of goats, sheep and
poultry, with a number of varieties of rare breed livestock, turkeys and chickens. We have very limited quantities of eggs available for our CSA members.
We are members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and several dairy goat associations. (more...)  

Larsons' Greenfarms LLC      
We sell certified organic Black Angus beef by the side, quarter, or by special packs. Economy: $99, Introductory: $199. Grass finished or grain finished.
Can deliver or ship. Also producers of organic soybeans and organic wheat. Only 45 minutes SW of Madison. (more...)  

Kinkoona Farm -    
Nestled in Amish country in southern Wisconsin, Kinkoona Farm is full of laughter and a place of hope. We raise a variety of sheep -Icelandic,
Columbian, Shetland, Border Leicester and Targhee/Texel/Hampshire crosses. All are rotationally pasture grazed and a healthy, happy bunch. We
provide chemical free lamb, a variety of fleeces raw and washed for spinners, felters, weavers and fiber artists and wonderful organic, chemical free
mattress toppers and comforters. (more...)  

Jordan Prairie Farm     
We raise and sell quality natural beef on our farm in Eastern Green County. Our calves are born on family’s farm along the scenic Sugar River. They
are pasture raised for about the first 6 months and then finished on silage and corn at our place just down the road. We do not use hormones,
antibiotics or medicated feed in our natural beef. Because we know where our cattle come from and what they eat, we can assure you the best tasting
and highest quality beef available. (more...)  

Little Bluff Farm, Ltd.   
We are newly formed for the purpose of growing an array of vegetables, both common and unusual. We strive to give the highest quality care to our
customers and our crops. Little Bluff Farm is too new to be certified organic, yet we live and grow by the highest cultural techniques. We are learning to
grow and growing to learn. Please come see us, just 7 miles south of beautiful Brodhead, WI, on Cty T. (more...)  

Ten Eyck Orchard     
Ten Eyck Orchard consists of 40 acres of fruit trees. The farm - in our family since 1839 - has evolved into a high-density dwarf orchard with 50 varieties
of apples. All apples are tree-ripened, picked and sorted with great care and sold at their flavor peak. Our home market is located on Hwys 11 and 81, 3
miles west of Brodhead, and is open daily from late August into November. We also offer Asian pears and plums. (more...)  

Tomato Mountain Farm         
Tomato Mountain is a certified organic 10-acre farm located 25 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin. We grow a variety of vegetables and herbs for sale
at markets and as ingredients for our salsas, soups, preserves, and other processed tomato products. From the very beginning, our main focus has
been on producing the highest-quality products with integrity. With the exception of a few ingredients like olive oil, sugar, salt and pepper, we grow all of
our ingredients in our field. (more...)  

Blue Skies Berry Farm   
We are a certified organic raspberry, strawberry, vegetable and edible flower farm. Our peak for pick-your-own berries is late August through mid-
September. We are on a quiet road. Families are welcome on our uncluttered grounds. Our wide grass pathways allow accessibility. Call ahead for pre-
picked berries. We are 16 miles south of the Beltline via Hwy 14; turn right at Union (at tavern) onto West Union Rd., then left onto Crocker Rd. (more...)  

Raines Honey Farm   
Raines Honey Farm provides honey from chemical free hives. We have hives on family farms and forrest preserves to keep our bees away from
chemical sprays. Our hives are located in Northwest IL and Southwest WI. (more...)  

Moonglow Farms     
Moonglow Farms is located in scenic Northern Illinois. We follow organic farming methods to produce vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. We strive to
grow heirloom varieties, and produce them in harmony with our natural surroundings. Early in the season, we focus on producing quality seedlings and
container plants for purchase. As the season goes on, we devote more time to our organic gardens, and harvest bountiful vegetables, herbs, and cut
flowers for purchase. (more...)

V D B Organic Farms      
We raise grass-fed Murray Grey beef cattle, St Croix sheep, pastured poultry and free range brown egg layers. The Murray Grey and St. Croix are
breeds that have escaped genetic tampering and have not been modified to a grain based diet. These breeds are moderate framed highly fertile,
efficient, and grows and finishes well on grass. The St. Croix lamb has a mild flavor and aroma. Our animals are humanely treated from birth to abattoir.

Spinning Times LLC   
Spinning times offers natural fibers, blended fibers, and spinning for their customers knitting or crocheting satisfaction. We also carry jewelry, carders
and some alpaca stuffed toys and clothing. We are growing all the time, and will keep customers up to date on any changes. We cary, alpaca,llama,
camel,silks and blend of combed top fiber of the highest quality. Thank you Brenda

Tall Grass Farm   
We raise (pampered) Angora goats on a small farm situated in the Kettle Morraine area (Richmond Township) of Southeastern Wisconsin. Our products
incude "The Natural Blanket" - mohair/wool chemical free - mohair yarn and fleece. Our goal is to live in harmony with the land and to be good stewards
of these beautiful creatures and we are guided by the the philosophy "Sustainable agriculture - growing with nature

Good Eggs Farm      
We are just getting ready to sell eggs early 2009. My Salmon Favorelle and Americauna hens are fed organic feed and well water. In the summer they
graze on grass and catch crickets in the yard. The Favorelles lay brown eggs, while the Americaunas lay turquoise green eggs. They are happy and so
lay very good eggs. (more...)  

Hermanson Pumpkin Patch
If autumn conjures up thoughts of pumpkins (12 varieties), squash, Indian corn and gourds, Hermanson Pumpkin Patch is one place you'll want to stop.
From Madison take I-90 South to Exit 147. Turn right toward Stoughton on N. We are 8 miles southeast of Stoughton on N going toward Edgerton. Pick
your own pumpkin if you like. We also have small animals to view. We're open 6 weeks in fall before Halloween from 9am-6pm. (more...)  

Tipi Produce     
OUR 2009 CSA IS SOLD OUT. Send us an email if you would like to receive information this winter about our 2010 season. Here at Tipi Produce, we
grow 45 acres of certified organic vegetables. Our diverse crops include red peppers, tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, strawberries, lettuce, snap peas,
carrots & more. Look for our produce in natural food stores and coops in Madison and Milwaukee

Orlovsky Apiaries     
Orlovsky Apiaries is a beekeeping business which specializes in raw honey, creamed honeys, pollen, propolis, and pure beeswax candles, as well as a
variety of other handmade specialty bee products, including: hand creams, soaps, lip balms, and lip glosses. Orlovsky Apiaries began in 2001 when a
retired beekeeper at my husband's Boy Scout camp decided to retire out of the beekeeping hobby. He passed on three hives, one of which continues to
be an observation hive at camp events. (more...)  

Little Honeyzzz Apiaries  
We are a family owned and operated company headquartered in Southern Wisconsin. Our goal is to provide you with the best honey and honey related
products available from our honeybees. Our back to basic approach to apiculture insure that we use no chemicals on our hives guaranteeing that our
honeys, pollen, beeswax and propolis products are pure, from the flower to you. Our hives are set up throughout the Stateline area. (more...)  

Skelly's Farm Market  
We are a large, full scale farm market serving the southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois area. We offer three seasons of produce including 8 acres of
PYO and pre-picked strawberries, over 70 acres of fresh summer produce including sweet corn, and over 20 acres of PYO pumpkins and fall
decorations. Our fall season also includes two corn mazes, wagon rides, weekend festivals, and school tours. During the summer months we have a
number of roadside stands that sell our homegrown produce daily. (more...)  

Hazeltine Strawberries       
Hazeltine Strawberries, located six miles west of Janesville on Hwy 11, has been in the strawberry business for over 25 years. As a family-run business,
Hazeltines offers fifteen acres of high-quality strawberries for both pick-your-own and pre-picked customers. For more information or picking conditions
call (608) 876-6161. (more...)  

Red Lantern Farm   
Red Lantern Farm is a small family run operation in beautiful central Green County, Wisconsin. We raise all of our beef, chickens, eggs and lamb on
rotational pastures. (more...)  

Morren Fruits and Vegetables    
30 miles south of Madison on Highway 213, ours is a small family farm committed to sustainable agriculture. All produce meets or exceeds regional and
national organic standards. Our many vegetables include delicious varieties of fresh potatoes, Asian eggplant and French green beans. Tree and vine
fruits will include peaches, cherries, grapes; we are setting out apple, plum, and pear trees, and currently have strawberries and raspberries. Free-
range eggs too! (more...)  

North Forty Hogs  
Never given growth hormones, steroids, or anything you wouldn't want in your own body. Raised off our own corn, oats, and hay grown with no
chemicals. No concrete. Family owned and operated. Whole or half hogs, shipped to Sorg's Meats in Darien, WI. PQA Certified. (more...)  

Rushing Waters Fisheries        
Rushing Waters Fisheries, Wisconsin's All Natural Trout Farm serving premium fresh and smoked rainbow trout and smoked salmon. Trout are raised
chemical-free from egg to harvest. We are environmentally friendly using no antibiotics or preservatives. Our fish are smoked to perfection using the
best of traditional and modern technology. We use the finest spices, natural flavors and Wisconsin hickory wood. Smoked fish contains no artifical

Sugar Prairie Wildlife Corridor    
Fresh eggs from happy, free-range hens. Raised with fresh air and pasture, hay, and organic or locally -grown grains only - NEVER a prepared
commercial "crumbles" diet! Habitat is our most important crop, and quality of life for the animals here is our most important value . Visiting the area? Pet
sitting/boarding in my home is also offered. Horse boarding also available. Ideal for nature lovers who like to trail ride, and for folks passing through or
visiting the area. (more...)  

Whitewater Farmers Market   
The Whitewater Farmers Market offers farm fresh local grown vegetables and fruit. Also the market offers home made breads and pies,Another product
that the market sells is local grown shurbs and trees for replanting. Hours of the Whitewater Farmers Market are 8:00 am until sold out during each
Saturday from May 16, 2009 until the first Saturday in November. The Market is located in the Wal-Mart parking lot on west Main street in Whitewater ,
WI. (more...)  

Grace Note Farm       
Grace: a gift beyond measure Grace Note: an ornamental sound so tiny its time value is not counted in the bar. A series of grace notes lend grace to
the musical score. Grace Note Farm: an immeasurable gift that offers us sustenance and joy every day. It is our goal to be good stewards of our land,
animals, and community. We use sustainable farming practices, and care for our animals with kindness and respect. Our farm products are sold to
people in our local and regional community. (more...)  

Piper Road Gardens      
Our primary mission is to provide sustainably grown, fresh-cut flowers, herbs and heirloom vegetables to the people of southeastern Wisconsin. The
Janesville, Wisconsin Farmer's Market is our Saturday venue for our produce and flowers. Flowers are our specialty and we offer a 12 week flower CSA,
beginning mid June. (more...)  
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