"My wife and I try to make it to
Rosie's every Saturday. You can
see the moment you walk in, that
they are experts with coffee and
experts at baking. Their lunch
selection is incredible. In fact, we
have thoroughly enjoyed
everything we have tried and the
only bad thing about going to
Rosie's is trying to decide what to
have. Finally, the staff is not only
friendly, but they are enthusiastic
about the business."

- Drew M.
Incredible and delicious homemade baked
When you come to Rosie’s Coffee Bar & Bakery, you will
leave satisfied and full. Everything that you see in our
bakery is made fresh and from scratch. The ingredients are
of the finest quality and many are locally bought. You will
have to try one of our famous donuts, made fresh daily with
real butter and fried in transfat-free vegetable shortening.
Take a bite into one of our scrumptious cream-filled donuts
or a delicious hand-rolled bear claw. Stop by today and be
welcomed by our friendly staff while you enjoy your
delicious treats

Incredible and delicious homemade goods
Of course, our donuts are amazing, but our bakery is filled
with an array of choices. You will rave to your friends after
trying some of our fruit fritters and decadent badger claws.
• Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip cookies
• Cinnamon rolls
• Blueberry fritters
• Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins
• Chocolate Peanut Butter cheesecake
• Cherry turnovers
• Cream-filled donuts
• Glazed donuts
• Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake
• Chocolate layer cake...and much more
Rosies Bakery Items
Pair those up with an amazing siphoned-brewed coffee, and you have the perfect breakfast, afternoon snack,
or dessert. We use Callebaut Chocolate from Belgium in our bakery items. From donuts and fritters, to muffins
and cookies, we have it all.

A sample of what you can find in our bakery
• Donut
• Assorted dozen donuts any flavor
• Filled Donuts
• Fritter
• Cinnamon Roll
• Cupcake
• Specialty cupcake
• Assorted cookies
• Sugar cookie
• Croissant
• Turnover
• Bear Claw
• Danish
• Coffee Cake
• Slice of cake
• Slice of cheesecake
• Slice of pie
• Bread loaf
• Whole Pie
8" Cake
10" Round Cake
1/4 Sheet Cake
1/2 Sheet Cake
Full Sheet Cake

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